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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST Theories for S6E14 The Candidate May 4th, 2010

Letting go. For me that was the theme of last night’s total “kitten drowning / puppy mangling” of an episode. Hey Cuse and Lindelof, why don’t you just have Santa Claus shoot the Easter Bunny, execution style, while snorting a line of coke off the Tooth Fairy’s cleavage? That would be fun wouldn’t it? Ok, childhood memory killing rant over. Letting go and continuing on…

Everything that we built up on either side of the island in Season 2 about science vs. faith is now finally coming down on the side of faith. Jack, who constantly raged against the machine in terms of being at the will of the island is letting go his anger and his doubts and is making that transition towards just being a part of things. Sayid said, just before he became an ironic joke about Middle Eastern suicide bombers, “Because it’s you, Jack.” You, who? The Candidate? For a moment I was thinking that the title was a misnomer because it was more about Locke’s candidacy for surgery than it was about any of the Losties being a candidate for Jacob’s replacement. Yet, in an almost inaudible and possibly thrown away delivery, Sayid gave us perhaps the answer to everything this season has been about. Case in point, let that timer go to zero, Sawyer. We’ll be fine. He didn’t get it at first but after “Lighthouse” he understood it. He understood it with Alpert in the Black Rock when he nearly soiled himself to test his theory about dying. Here, he gave full control over to fate and destiny versus the science of what C4 will do to the human body when detonated. If Sawyer would have not pulled the wires, would it have blown? Don’t know. But, I think that fate would have ended up causing the sub to sink, anyway, because that was the will of the island.

Should we be shocked at Sayid’s death? We’ve seen characters die when they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Charlie finally let go and found peace in dying, fulfilling his part of the island’s plan, or will. Arzt and Illana… maybe not so much but their deaths were still shocking. Sayid, however, went full circle on his path. Perhaps he was fated to become what he was in order to save Desmond from MiB. With Sayid being Puff the Magic Bastard’s assassin, perhaps that was better because Desmond could get through to Sayid. And with the information he was given, he was able to pass that along and save the others, fulfilling his purpose. With Desmond’s consoling of Sayid’s soul, Sayid let go of his anger and became the “Redemption of Anakin Skywalker” on Lost.

Were there ever two more tragic lovers, save for Romeo and Juliet? To be separated by time and space, land and sea, and life and death only to be reunited in death is pretty much a case of “Your karma ran over my dogma.” It was hard enough to watch, given the circumstances surrounding my family these past few weeks, but it would have been even harder had I invested more emotion into their reunion two weeks ago instead of wondering if one of them was going to be a small part of smoky. But it was also beautiful. Even though it was highly annoying being a parent and all. What of Ji Yeon? She’s now an orphan, like Walt. Never once did Sun say, “Go, be a father to your daughter.” Nope, she just wanted him to live because it was a dire situation. But they both let go and chose to be together in death or not at all. But why? What was their purpose on the island as candidates.. either one or both of them? How was the island finished with them. It rails against the established rules laid out by previous episodes.

We need to let go. There are only four more episodes left in the history of this incarnation of LOST. We got handed a nice big crap sandwich last night but that is what I’ve come to expect from the show. LOST is in a league of shows that I love because of their ability to screw the audience’s upbeat mood. Supernatual and anything from The Whedonverse are the others. Main characters. Beloved characters. Important characters. Dead characters. There is no safe haven in these shows. In fact there is a lot of cross pollination of creative people involved with all of these shows and it is apparent when watching. I can say, “Oh that was Buffyesque” when someone dies. Look at the proof.

Buffy kills off Joyce Summers and Anya in the series along with Xander becoming another ironic joke as a cyclops mimicking his pirate costume from an earlier Halloween episode.  Angel kills off Cordy, Fred and Wesley as well as putting Gunn near death by the end of the series.  Supernatural has killed the two leads more times than I can count but also blew up Ellen and Jo as well as let professional dying guy Jeffrey Dean Morgan go a few seasons back. As faithful followers of LOST we need to let go of our attachment to any of these characters and just let the story tell itself over the last four episodes.

Well, it looks like we can kill a number of theories with this last episode.

Sayid is definitely bad and Claire is headed there. Kate will do what she can to save her.
½ credit on this one. Sayid redeemed himself but Kate did save Claire.

Locke Monster and Widmore hate each other.
Yeah that one works while Locke and Widmore being on the same side is null and void at this point.

Everybody Loves Hugo
  1. MiB needs the others (no pun) because

    1. He needs the conditions of the O6 leaving in order to be able to replicate it.
    2. He plans to just kill them in order to keep them from becoming the next Jacob

    Guess we know which one came true, there.

    The next Jacob will be:
    1. Jack (Sayid said it and he keeps saying he is not leaving the island.)

      1. Locke (No not the Locke from the OT, Locke from The Alterverse. Somehow the two timelines will converge and Locke in the ALT will do battle with his doppelganger.)
      2. Desmond (Jack must shepherd him from the well to a spot of concentrated electromagnetic energy in order to accept Jacob into his being.
    Does anyone else get the feeling that the everyone on the list is not actually a list of candidates but a list of people who will be used to get the candidate into position? Once they fulfill their role, they are killed and removed like fallen pieces on a chessboard.

    1. The following are dead.

      1. Frank, Sayid, Jin and Sun
      2. Sayid, Jin and Sun (Frank is only mostly dead which means he’s slightly alive.)
      3. Sayid, Frank, and Sun (Jin is still a possible candidate and could not be killed, therefore he was able to swim away)
      4. THEY’RE ALL DEAD!?!?!?!?
    The only person I think may really still be alive is Frank. We saw him have the stereotypical “Shit” moment when he knew the door was going to fly at him but we never saw him during the obligatory “LOST Death Theme” If he were truly dead then they should have showed his body floating around among the bits of Sayid and Sun and Jin. Frank will still need to fly Ajira 316.

    1. Sideways James Ford will get his revenge by:

      1. Taking out a vegetative Anthony Cooper at Helen and Locke's wedding
      2. Taking out a vegetative Anthony Cooper at the nursing home
      3. Taking out the Sideways Sawyer who will end up being a totally different character than Anthony Cooper.
    Because the Alterverse established that James Ford is still hunting for the Sawyer that conned his parents it's safe to say that there should be some sort of resolution to that story.  Of course, who knows with only four episodes left.   We could say that Anthony Cooper was Sawyer but that seems rather anti-climatic to have a catatonic con be given the Inigo Montoya speech by Jim once he finds him.  My bet is going to be that a different Sawyer played the role of home wrecker for little Jimmy.   Once again, with only four episodes left it seems highly unlikely they will resolve this at all.

    1. The show will end with:

      1. Jack and Locke sitting on the beach having a conversation about killing each other.
      2. Locke and Locke sitting on the beach having the same conversation.
    I made this statement in a previous post. I reiterate it because of Jack’s new frontrunner status as the new Jacob and add the second theory that Locke from the Alterverse will be Jacob and Locke from the OT will MiB.

    Four more left. LET IT GO ALREADY

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