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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finley's Fighters - Four Year Old With Degenerative Retinal Disease

I'm putting aside the humor and ranting for this post. 

This Saturday, in my hometown, a fundraiser is being held to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.   Little Finley Pletcher, who is four years old, has Leber's Congenital Amaurosis — LCA — a very rare degenerative retinal disease that causes vision loss.  She's already been declared legally blind despite being diagnosed only a year ago and will eventually go blind. 

I went to high school with both her parents and as a friend, a father, and someone who relies on and cherishes sight every day this just kills me.  So, I'm asking those of you who can find it in your hearts to make a small donation, any donation to the cause in Finley's name.  I'll be doing so as well.  If you follow the link, below, to the local news story you can see more of the details.   Those who cannot attend the barbecue but want to donate, may make checks to the "Foundation Fighting Blindness" and send it to the Kovalls, Finley's grandparents, at 1231 Sycamore St., Connellsville, PA, 15425, beginning at noon Saturday.

4-year-old, family keep hope in the face of blindness

Mixed Nuts, Finley's mom's blog.

Foundation Fighting Blindess page for Finley

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PletcherFamily said...

You rock. thank you so much my friend.

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