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Friday, March 2, 2012

Goonies 25th Anniversary Soundtrack

Holy Crap! Look at that! It’s the actual score to The Goonies without all of the pop songs that were in the only version I had, growing up. Still, $46 is a bit much. When Napster first came out, I was all over downloading every bit of Dave Grusin’s soundtrack I could.

The Goonies is a HUGE part of my pop culture obsessed childhood. So were orchestral soundtracks. I was a John Williams junkie and Alan Silvestri, Michael Kamen, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith all adorned my geek CD case.

I bought the DVD version back around 2000 and it was pretty sweet. Of course, that was back when DVD menu animation was a big deal. But the DVD had a great set of extras that I’m hoping are all on the Blu-Ray. I want the picture in picture commentary with the cast reunion. I want the dual Cyndi Lauper music videos (Part 1 and 2). And I want the deleted scenes.

I’ve been putting off on posting my take on what I would accept if they ever did a sequel. I’m kind of hoping they won’t. Dan Aykroyd finally gave up the ghost on GB3 since Bill Murray said no to the script. Hollywood is still looking to release a Top Gun sequel [headdesk] Let it go, folks.

So, I may just have to pick this up... or...  I'll just save the playlist from YouTube.

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