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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I was in an entrepreneurial mood the other day and started thinking about things that we need as men.  Then, of course, I do a perfunctory search on the Internet to make sure it hasn’t already been done and lo and behold, I find these things.

First up: 

Mandles, the Manly Candles 
My wife loves having candles going while she’s teaching lessons because it covers up the fact that we have four cats.  But fresh linens, cotton towels, and unicorn ass only goes so far for us guys.  What about the bachelor pad?  What do we want to have going in our crib to let others know we have a sensitive, interior decorative side, while maintaining our knuckle dragging, MMA watching, boob loving manliness.   

We could have scents like bacon, of course, or sawmill.  Maybe pizza or wings.  What about leather or workshop scents?   Charcoal anyone?

Then, I found these…


I will not be deterred, though.  How about... 

Lazy Calendars?
It’s June 12th and I just realized that my awesome limited edition calendar from Captain Feline (shameless friend plug) was still on May.  In my defense, I was out of the office from May 31-June 8 on vacation.  However, I still was remiss in flipping from Kitty Rider (Easy Rider) to Kitley and Kewt (Aliens) until today.  So, I thought,  what about calendars that go six weeks on each page?

Us men don’t have time to remember to flip a calendar page.   The fact that we still have wall calendars is amazing since our iDevices do everything from tell time to remote start our cars.    So, when we do forget to flip the page until the 12th of the month, it would be nice to know that the current page extends until mid month, just to appease our laziness, instead of just the two days over a weekend we usually get.

Now, I haven’t found anything online, so maybe I can work on that one.  Mostly all of my searches brought back results dealing with being six weeks pregnant.   I know I gained two pounds over my vacation, but really Google?  That’s just mean.

So, I’m one for two on ideas here.  I guess I better keep working on making that YouTube money.   Almost have a dollar.  YAY! 


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