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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Applications Not Found On the New iPhone

Before leaving on vacation I briefly included a post “There’s a Nap For That.” While the title was a bit of a pun on the iPhone “Apps” commercials, it also spawned a shirt design, which I prominently displayed smack dab in the middle of the post. Of course, it could never end there, could it?

Far be it from me to have only one offering for the iMongo Smash Phone. There are several opportunities to rhyme your way into a coma with this and while silly, I just couldn't resist. You can find the entire section called There's a _____ for that at Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash! The Store.

We'll start out with the inspiration for this mess, Nap for .
I apologize for some of the fuzziness in the images, I didn't reduce their size and just adjusted the html to make them smaller.

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