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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST Theories For S6E8 Recon March 16th, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you pretending to be Irish today. I couldn’t think of a more fitting pastime than drinking heavily while trying to decipher the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, stuffed into a tube and launched into a big ole pit of uselessness like LOST.

First things first, there was no “Previously on LOST” intro. It just started with Sawyer making tea for Jin. But that’s not important. It was the flash left that really kicked things into gear. We see Sawyer in bed with a girl named Ava. He pulls his old briefcase trick on her like he did in Confidence Man and The Long Con. She doesn’t buy it and pulls a gun. Then in a twist of irony, Sawyer calls out his Dharma alter ego “La Fleur” and 5.0 comes bursting in the door with Miles bringing the shirtless Sawyer his badge. He’s a cop, see. That’s irony. Why? Because in the original timeline Jacob gives Sawyer the pen to write the Dear Sawyer letter and he grows up to be a con artist. Here, with no Jacobian influence, he turns out on the right side of the law. Well, chaotic good to be more precise. Sidenote: I did some digging on Ava to see if she somehow fit into the OT (Original Timeline) and she doesn’t as far as I know.

Sawyer (Jim Ford…might as well be Rockford) and Hutch (Miles) discuss his trip to Palm Springs (Australia) and he sets him up on a blind date with a coworker of his Dad’s at the museum. Clue Drop number one. Pierre Chang lives and left the Dharma Initiative which means that the evacuation either did not happen and his parents stayed together OR it did and he has since reconciled with him. I vote for "it didn’t happen," which will go against one of my theories from last week.

Anyway, Sawyer meets up with Charlotte who looks better than her island version which was akin to Rocky Dennis. Sorry, it’s a cruel comparison but that forehead just jutted out there and distracted me during season 5. After a tumble we find that Jim is still looking for the original Sawyer and takes it very personally. Also we find that Miles is either a very good cop or has some psychic abilities because he ran Jim’s credit card and found him in Australia instead of Palm Springs. It might just be a partner thing but he took the lying very seriously. After a doomed apology with a six pack and a sunflower Jim meets up with Miles and explains the real story about his trip and his mission. So, in either case he is going to or will kill Anthony Cooper. I wonder if that will bring him into Locke’s wedding to Helen since according to Locke, his father and him have a relationship in the alternate timeline? See theories. Just then their car gets sideswiped and they take off on foot to apprehend the driver, who had a hood up to conceal their face. That was a bit pointless because we all knew who it was. This is LOST after all.

Sawyer wakes Jin and promises to get him and Sun off the island. Claire, Kate, Locke Monster, Sayid, Emma, Zach, Cindy, and the rest of the survivors from the temple show up. They start another trek and Sawyer calls Locke Monster out on it. They chit chat and Locke Monster (I keep using that because I saw that name in the episode info from my cable guide and liked it.) gives Sawyer a mission. Sawyer accepts and heads for the Hydra island. He stops by the station to reminisce about dirty sweaty polar bear cage sex that he had with Kate and then heads to Ajira 316 parked still parked in the Tilt a Whirl section. Hey Frank, nice job.

He then finds a pile o bodies and Zoe, a supposed survivor. He gets ready to take the outrigger with her in tow but her constant questions about “How many are there? Do they have guns? Do these glasses make me look like a fake passenger?” cause him to pull a gun on her. She turns the table on him and calls her own “La Fleur” safety word and armed soldiers come out of the woodwork. Seamus (Frederick Koehler) leads the charge like he’s busting Sawyer for eating too many Fiber One samples. Perhaps in the flash lefts he works in a grocery store instead of working for Widmore.

They take Sawyer into sub and he notices a double padlocked compartment which seems mysterious…well only because he pointed it out. It’s either Widmore’s private stash of MacCuthcheon Whisky or someone we haven’t seen for awhile. See Theories. Widmore and Sawyer discuss the freighter and Sawyer actually gives up the whole shebang about Locke Monster sending him over which leads to an arrangement. Locke Monster for safe passage. But after Sawyer goes back to Locke he informs him of the meeting and arranges a double cross. But it’s all subterfuge for Kate, Sawyer and the others…er other people to escape via the sub during the battle.

A subplot to all of this is the craziness that is Claire and Sayid. Claire attacks Kate and then gets put into timeout by the Locke Monster. Kate asks Sayid for help during the knife fight but he just kind of sits there and says, “Oooh chick fight” Afterwards Locke Monster apologizes because he gave Claire the notion that the Others had Aaron and she kind of went a little more looney than usual with the new information about Kate having him. Then he tells his sad sack story about his mommy issues before he “looked like this.” See Theories.

Last week I said the following.

1. The island sank after the Dharma Initiative left due to:
    a. The Incident minus the Jughead. Most DI non essential personal were off the island prior (Amy, Horace, Roger, Ben)
    b. The building of The Swan by the DI which hit the pocket of energy and with no way to contain it (i.e. Jughead, button) the island sank but not before Dharma Initiative were able to escape.
Well, we know that letter a is mostly false and b is pretty much false in that the Dharma Initiative simply ran its course or bugged out after meeting with hostile islanders. Perhaps a scary ghost frightened them off and no one was there to pull off his mask and say, “Hey, it’s old man Widmore from the Others.” And he would have gotten away with it too because there was no pesky kids from Oceanic 815 and their dog Vincent to screw it up.

So, new theory is that the island sunk for whatever reason
   c. without interference from the Dharma Initiative. I’m thinking that the leaky Jughead was still responsible and perhaps Faraday not being there to tell them to move it played into the cause.
3. Widmore is able to find the island because:
    a. He is the friend Jacob was guiding towards the island and his name is actually Wallace.
    b. Desmond is on that sub and his name his family name is actually Wallace.
    c. Locke-Ness has killed Jacob leaving the island unveiled and seen by Widmore
    d. He went to the Lamp Post
I’m thinking that c and d are a no go. I think Widmore finally pieced together enough information from the Black Rock diary and Ajira’s flight plan to figure out a way to get there and whatever or whoever is in the hold might have helped.
4. Locke-Ness is going to the Hydra:
    a. To meet Widmore.
    b. To see the bears
    c. To fetch a pail of water.
Obviously b and c were a joke. Turns out a is an indirect side effect of Locke Monster going to the Hydra Island.  He wants the plane. Question is, is it flyable and who is going to fly it? Lapidus is with Ilana.

  1. Locke Monster and Widmore hate each other.
    Perhaps Widmore was rightfully protecting the island all along and by keeping Locke Monster on the island a sort of white/dark force is still kept in check. Could you imagine him getting off the island?
  2. Locke Monster and Widmore are on the same side.
    Doesn’t seem likely since we know that LM intends on using the plane to escape while Sawyer intends to take the sub. I originally thought that he was using the sub because, hey, 316 crashed, sort of. Not to mention they are constructing a sonic fence to keep him out….. or keep someone in? Hmmm. Perhaps there is a white smoke monster.
  3. In the Flash Left Jim will meet and try to kill Anthony Cooper at the wedding of Locke and Helen which will mirror a turnabout in allegiance between Sawyer and Locke Monster in the OT.
  4. Jacob and Locke Monster are actually brothers and the whole mother thing will play out a bit more in a final showdown. We already know that Alpert is the only character to have a flashback this season so it stands to reason that any explanations will be done through exposition between characters.
       a. Jacob was loved more than MiB
       b. MiB will be known as either Samuel or Esau
  5. The Ajira survivors were killed by:
       a. Widmore because he’s a sick bastard.
       b. Locke Monster because they didn’t want to go with him OR he used them as leverage for
       c. Something else happened to them entirely.
  1. Who was shooting at Sawyer and company on the outrigger during the time skips?
    Every time Sawyer got near that damn outrigger I thought we were going to get a glimpse of what happened. Perhaps we will never get an answer. I don’t think it’s Widmore’s men because they had machine guns and it seemed like single shots coming at the outrigger that held Sawyer before he time jumped into the rain storm. Maybe it’s Ilana and company thinking that the Sawyer from Season 5 (The Little Prince) was the same as Sawyer from Season 6 and chased him since they know he’s with Locke Monster. The reason why I believe that this happens in the present is that just before Sawyer and company left the beach in the outrigger they found a Ajira Airways bottle which puts them in after 316 crashed.
  2. What the hell is up with Walt?
    Will he be back on the island at all this year? Will his abilities ever be explained? Is he still a candidate? Was the name Lloyd on the wall or Lighthouse dial? Was it scratched out? Was he a red herring or did his adolescent growth thwart his involvement causing them to shit can his storyline?
  3. Where the hell are Rose, Bernard and Vincent? We know they were all living in 1977 and were pretty much staying out of it. However, with the jughead incident and jump to the present that kind of takes them out of the running to be Adam and Eve, doesn’t it? I guess the condition of the bodies were consistent with those found in the Dharma grave and Roger Workman Linus so it could be Rose and Bernard who ended up being left in 1977 but you wonder why they ended up in the caves since they had a cabin. Maybe the incident caused a huge explosion that forced them to relocate and they died of radiation poisoning or some other cause not long after….. Poor Vincent. I guess the only way we’ll know is to finish the season or ask President Obama. He moved his address as to not impede the premiere and was allowed to ask one question about the show and it would be answered. Supposedly, he asked about the identity of the skeletons.
Well, overall it was a pretty cool episode but the real payoff should be next week with the backstory on Alpert.  Cannot wait.

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