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Monday, October 11, 2010

Somebody Touched My Stuff Again

A while back I talked about what happened the last time I went shopping at Giant Eagle in Harrison City.  Well, it happened again.  Same scenario.  I go in and grab things I need to buy.  I go to the self-checkout lane and purchase said item.s  I go to the end of the lane to bag up my items.  Somebody comes over, crumbles up the coupons sitting next to the scanning plate and throws them away.  I get pissed.

This time it was an employee because they were wearing a uniform.  This time I hadn't paid for my purchases yet, so my receipt didn't end up in the trash.   This time I...  said nothing.  OK, but if a third time occurs, I'm flipping tables over and going wild bunch on these guys. [pew pew]

I can hear it now.  "Oh, Mongo, stop being so passive aggressive and just go through a regular check out lane.  You are doing this to bait them, now."   Well, yeah, you're right.  I am baiting them.  I want them to do it because a third time will not be tolerated.  And as for the regular lanes, I don't want to hear anybody complain that it takes away from the need to hire cashiers.  That's a load of crap.  There were three cashiers before they put in self-checkout lanes and there are three cashiers, now.    What does happen is that when you go through a regular check out, you run into these issues.

  • Waiting for the person in front of you when you can just zip through the empty self-checkout lanes.
  • The cashiers do not give you the coupons printed out from scanning your Advantage Card in the self-checkout lane.
  • Nine times out of ten, the regular checkout cashiers have not asked me if I wanted to apply my discounts from pumping gas to my total.  That's a screen you have to navigate through in self-checkout lanes.
It may seem that I am impatient but I am usually heading to the store after I leave work.  I want to get home because, I'm tired from being at work and I really don't want to spend anymore time than necessary at the store.  I am also usually relieving my father-in-law from babysitting duties since my wife is working at the time and he's been at work, too and just filling in for a couple of hours to bridge the gap.   That's my main reasons.

Now, the last time I went to the store was yesterday to grab one item for dinner because the ones I had were out of date.   No one bothered me but the next time... ooooh, grrrr.

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