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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Your Old Layout Back, Unlimited Energy, Answers To Meaning Of Life, And Who Killed Kennedy

Anyone who hangs around Facebook long enough will start to see a lot of changes being made to the layout of the homepage.   It sucks and for every layout change there is a ton of groups that get started to protest it.   That'll teach them at FB Corporate.   "OMG (Internet slang quota per post reached), the loyal subjects are rising up with pitchforks to use harsh language on us."

If you haven't figured it out.   THEY DON'T CARE!   But what we care about is sticking it to the man and changing things back to that last level of sucktitude.   Meaning, we bitched about the last change and now they've changed it again but we want the last change back which we bitched you see where I'm going with this?  

Ok, that all being said, there are a number of pages coming down the pipeline touting that they can make your whites whiter, your brights brighter and return your previously crappy layout to its original state.   Guess what?   They're scamming you.   Basically, what they want you to do is to go through and suggest their page to your friends who will then join out of disgust for the new layout and do the same.   Next thing you know, you are on a list to be blasted with advertisments or maybe even worse.  

Take it from me.  Don't buy into these scammers.  Why?   Well, for one, what group requires you to invite all your friends in order to make something happen?   Secondly, why do they misspell words, change the lettering or add different characters, such as a c with a hook on the end of it like this one...  Chances are if you can't see that one it is because it was pulled for being scamworthy.

Secondly, the same trick is being used to trick people into beliving that you can increase your Mafia Wars stats, your Farmville coinage, or any other Facebook game that takes a lot of time to play.  

So, please, a word to the wise, don't let these a-holes think they can promise you anything by inviting all your friends.  Now, pass this post to all your friends and tell them the wonders of Mongo Inc. Products and my wonderful moneymaking schem....venture.

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