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Thursday, June 3, 2010

LOST Thoughts For S6E17 The End May 23rd, 2010 Part Three

So, how did I do in my predictions of what was going to happen this season? I’d give myself a C. I know that’s kind of vanilla but I was really way off on some of my theories. I could have never seen the big reveal with the Alterverse coming. That was a pretty nice touch.

Here’s the rundown of the remaining theories I had out there.

  1. The Flash Lefts are not reality and are just a metaphysical construct brought on by the MiB (Kind of like the Matrix) and Jack is becoming more aware of this in the Flash Lefts.
Result: DING! WRONG!
They were dead and the flash lefts, alterverse, etc. was a construct of their souls as a meeting place to find each other and make a spiritual connection in order to remember their lives so that they could move on to the afterlife. I don’t know if some accepted spiritual or religious doctrine speaks to this as a version of purgatory or the afterlife, but I connected with an 80s movie when I found out what the alternate timeline was. Made In Heaven was a movie with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis as people who meet and fall in love each other after they are dead. McGillis’ character has not yet earned her wings and must do a tour of duty on Earth in order to do so. Hutton convinces the powers that be to send him to Earth, too but they will have no recollection of each other. They now have 30 years to find each other on Earth and fall in love or be fated to an unhappy life. Not quite the same thing but it came to my mind seeing how the characters didn’t remember one another.

“Dr. Linus”
  1. The island sank after the Dharma Initiative left due to:
    1. The Incident minus the Jughead. Most DI non essential personal were off the island prior (Amy, Horace, Roger, Ben)
    2. The building of The Swan by the DI which hit the pocket of energy and with no way to contain it (i.e. Jughead, button) the island sank but not before Dharma Initiative were able to escape.
The sunken island was not real. And had it sunk for realsies it would have been because that stone carrot was removed.
  1. Roger and Ben left the Dharma Initiative because:
    1. Roger did not want to be a Workman anymore and Horace couldn’t convince him to stay or was not there due to the birth of Ethan off island.
    2. He was fired.
They were dead.

“Happily Ever After”
  1. Desmond is going to:
    1. Be the package.
    2. Deliver the package.
  2. And his sacrifice will be:
    1. Die in the process.
    2. Become the new Jacob.
    3. Keep the alterverse the way it is.
Result: WRONG! on both parts.
Well, except if you count “being the package.”
  1. Sayid is:
    1. Evil.
    2. Pulling a Sonny Crockett and playing evil
    3. Just plain crackers
Result: WRONG!
  1. The experiment was meant to:
    1. Show Desmond the alterverse and allow his doppelganger to realize the truth.
    2. Simply show that he can withstand a C.E.E. so that he can interact with the “Hot Pocket.”
Result: Indirectly DING! DING!
I was right on both counts but his doppleganger did not realize the truth because of this, it was just because of Charlie making the connection to his death on the island.
  1. Widmore is able to find the island because:
    1. He is the friend Jacob was guiding towards the island and his name is actually Wallace.
    2. Desmond is on that sub and his name his family name is actually Wallace.
    3. Locke-Ness has killed Jacob leaving the island unveiled and seen by Widmore
    4. He went to the Lamp Post
Result: DING! DING!
Although I don’t know why, since we never found out what he planned to do with Desmond once he got to the island.  And I don't know that Wallace ever had anything to do with anything.  In fact, I don't really know what the purpose of the lighthouse really was or what is was showing since the Altervese was their purgatory after they all died.

“Everybody Loves Hugo”
  1. Desmond plowed through Locke because:
    1. He loves Grand Theft Auto, brutha.
    2. He knows Locke is really MiB (The mirror to this is his response of “John Locke” when MiB asked if he knew who he was.)
    3. He wanted to show him something (Indirectly a nod to Charlie’s failed Lupe’s Escape move)
Result: DING! DING!
  1. The pouch contains:
    1. Jacob’s ashes gathered by Ilana from the Foot.
Result: DING! DING!
That was an easy one.
  1. MiB needs the others (no pun) because:
    1. He needs the conditions of the O6 leaving in order to be able to replicate it.
    2. He plans to just kill them in order to keep them from becoming the next Jacob.
Result: DING! DING!
He told the candidates that's why he needed them but it was really just to kill them.
    The little boy is:
    1. A rapidly growing Jacob getting ready to assume the persona of a candidate and that’s why his hair has changed color with every candidate that witnesses him in the presence of MiB. Blond for Sawyer, Brown for Desmond.
Result: DING! DING!
Although I was probably wrong about the hair color and that he was going to grow up to be the candidate. It was most likely a trick of the light or just casting.

“The Last Recruit”
  1. Jack’s wife/ex-wife is Juliet. The age of David puts Jack’s age at the time of conception around 21. He could have conceivably met Juliet at medical school and fathered a child. Now that she is divorced or weary of men because of Jack she meets Sawyer and decides to get coffee but go Dutch. Perhaps Juliet will meet Sawyer at the hospital when he goes to talk with Sun about the shooting. Juliet will be the OB/GYN that helped save Sun’s baby.
I made that prediction a month in advance.

“The Candidate”
  1. The following are dead:
    1. Frank, Sayid, Jin and Sun
    2. Sayid, Jin and Sun (Frank is only mostly dead which means he’s slightly alive.)
    3. Sayid, Frank, and Sun (Jin is still a possible candidate and could not be killed, therefore he was able to swim away)
    4. THEY’RE ALL DEAD!?!?!?!?
Result: DING DING!
Yeah Frank!
  1. The show will end with:
    1. Jack and Locke sitting on the beach having a conversation about killing each other.
    2. Locke and Locke sitting on the beach having the same conversation.
Result: WRONG!
Locke is lying in a broken bloodied mess over the cliff while Jack goes off to die in the bamboo where he woke up three years prior.

“What They Died For”
  1. MiB will attempt to leave the island:
    1. Via the donkey wheel.
    2. Via Ajira 316 which will be disarmed.
Result: WRONG!
It was The Elizabeth.
  1. The Alterverse Castaways are going to:
    1. Meet up on a boat to go to the spot where the island should be.
    2. Fly in another plane and somehow get back to the sunken island.
Result: WRONG!
They were dead.
  1. MiB will attempt to destroy the island by:
    1. Throwing Desmond down the 100 watt cave.
Result: CLOSE! ½ credit.
  1. MiB will be killed by:
    1. Blown up by the remainder of the C4 making Ben a suicide bomber who decides to kamikaze Smokey.
    2. Jack will go all Neo on him like he did Mr. Smith
    3. He won’t. Everything will simply go back to the way it was.
Result: ALMOST!
Jack, but Kate pulled a Schwarzenegger and one linered him after shooting him in the back.  But Jack did go kick ass on him.
  1. The Survivors will leave the island by:

    1. Ajira 316. Frank really isn’t dead and has been spending the last two episodes disarming the bomb. He’ll show up at the last minute like Bishop did in Aliens.
    2. Penny will arrive on Penny’s Boat and rescue them but will lose Desmond
    3. Each one will take a turn on the Donkey Wheel.
Result: DING DING!
Yeah Frank!

Ok, that was painful.   One mroe to go, I really promise this time.   Next I look at The End and after.

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