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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stix Nix Dix Pix

Sometimes you just have to get a grip. You can’t let these things dangle out there like low hanging fruit. You have get a firm hold on the issue. Enough imagery? Thought so.

It was reported that the Central Blood Bank was going to show a presentation to students at Norwin High School, which is about five minutes from where I live. Instead, for about 30 seconds, the students got a different kind of education. The representative from the blood bank used a flash drive [snicker: flash] to show the presentation and during those 30 seconds there were several pictures of nude males and their dangly bits. Now, the parents want to sue the Central Blood Bank for emotional damage.

Sue? Ok, let’s, for a minute, err on the side of caution and say this was damaging. I don’t want to imagine the scenario but it could go something like this.

CBB Representative reaches into his pants and says, “Excuse me while I whip this out.” The kids all gasp in horror as he produces a flash drive. Sighs are heard.

I mean, honestly, does anyone believe this was more than just a horrible mistake on the part of the CBB rep? He didn’t set out to intentional scar someone for life. He either grabbed the wrong flash drive or was dumb enough to have stored nude pictures on his work drive. Of course, he was suspended and of course an apology is merited but legal action?

Oh, and the best part? The lawyer representing the students and their parents is named Peter Payne. I will pause as you compose yourself after that remark.

Let’s face it, had this been a guy, or even a girl, and the pictures were of females, there would be no thought of legal action. Ok, maybe there would be because we’re a sue happy society but to say that there was scarring and emotional damage. The only one emotionally scarred in all of this was the guy who showed the world a few of his favorite things. The students were probably just taken aback by the sights. I imagine it’s like arc welding. They tell you not to look at the bright light without protective goggles but you end up glancing up every now and then just because. And to think that high school kids have not seen this type of stuff is insane. Teenage sex and sexting is rampant within schools, nowadays. I bet the parents would be more shocked to know what their kids have seen without the visual aids provided by a representative of the Central Blood Bank.

This all smells like college tuition funding. And what do the parents really hope to gain by suing a non-profit organization that is supposed to help people in need. If those parents sue and win, the next time there is a crisis or disaster and the C.B.C. is looking for donations, I’d hit these parents up. Well, we’d like to save these people but we recently lost a lot of funding due to some asshats suing us for pictures their kids had probably already seen on the Internet prior to the little incident in class.

Actually, I’m thinking of using this to my advantage. The CBB calls me nonstop, I mean like everyday wanting us to donate blood. “I’m not done using it yet!” Actually, I don’t know if they really want mine, it’s probably more like syrup. In any case, they next time they call I want to answer the phone and say, “You want me to donate blood? Well, maybe. You’re not going to show me penises while I’m there, are you?” I just want to hear the reaction on the other end of the line.

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