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Friday, February 4, 2011

Twerrible Towel Spins When You Tweet #SteelerNation

Once again proving that low tech and high tech have a place in the universe together, someone has come up with a way to turn Twitter into a more useful tool.

The folks over at have hooked a laptop, an old fan, a hand, and a Terrible Towel together and made something full of win.

If you go to Twitter and tweet anything with the hashtag #SteelerNation, or the lesser accepted #SteelersNation, the magic happens and causes the Terrible Towel to twirl. There’s a lot of math involved, I’m sure, but just trust me, it works.

So, let’s go Steelers and get Tweeting Steeler Faithful!

P.S. Make sure you spell Terrible with a ‘W’ or you won’t get to the right site.

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