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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Charlton Heston, "We Blew It All Up" And Then Asked For Money

NRA called me at 9:00 AM!!?!?!?  This is yet another unwanted call and I have no affiliation with the NRA.  However, they are "non-profit" and are exempt, I guess.  Just like Peggy, I have no use for these asshats."Take my number out of your database you damned dirty fanatics!"

Back in my days of working in a banquet department, at a hotel, we used to do big banquets for organizations like the NRA, Wild Turkey Federation and the Safari Club.   You should hear the ridiculous crap that spews from the organizer's mouth.   Unreal.

S'ok.  Just call 855-348-2371.  Press 1, then 3 and enter your phone number.  If they don't stop calling, they're in violation of some straw man organization that's supposed to stop unwanted calls.

1 comment:

Sirik666 said...

You're lucky. They called me at 9am pacific. Unfortunately, I'm in Honolulu. That's 6am here. Jerks...

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