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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Irwin Is the End of the Universe

Lewis Black once spoke about the end of the universe being in Houston. There was a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks. Well, that was awhile ago and it appears that it’s spreading.

Irwin, PA is now the new “End of the Universe”. And it’s much worse. First, National City got bought up by PNC and instead of making the existing one a First Niagara, it became another PNC. Then, the Walmart finally went in on Barnes Lake Road. It wasn’t bad enough that Hills and Ames succumbed to the pressure of the low cost retail giant a few miles away. Now, we have one here at the scene of the crime.

Finally, they began opening new stores around Walmart hoping to get their cast offs. Now, there is a Starbucks on one side of Route 30 and on the other, there is a Target, with a Starbucks inside it. How the F@#$ did Irwin get to be so high falutin’ that it needed more than one Starbucks? We can’t keep businesses in the shopping centers around it. The Norwin Cinemas is now a gym. The Blockbuster is now an urgent care center. Payless Shoes is now an eye doctor’s office.

Well played universe… well played.

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