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Saturday, February 2, 2013

WUMF: January 2013 Edition

Welcome to a new year and a new WUMF.

Super Bowl
As a Pittsburgh fan, I was initially torn.   I don’t necessarily want the Forty-Niners to win because they would tie Pittsburgh for the number of Lombardi trophies.    I didn’t want New England to win because that would give Bellicheat and Cry-Brady to have four Super Bowl wins, matching Noll and Bradshaw.  The Ravens… well, it’s a Harbaugh and Ray Lewis.  The Falcons were the least offensive team in the running.   However… that wasn’t going to happen.   So, we got San Fran and Baltimore.

I gotta go with San Fran.  I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s better than deer antler extract.  Ray Lewis has become the story of the NFL.  He’s the hero.  Figures.  This just shows how corrupt and hypocritical this league and their savior, Roger Goodell, is.  They glorify a man who pled down a double murder charge to obstruction of justice and pointed the finger at two other guys, neither of which did any time.  The justice for the families of the victims is that Ray Lewis stayed free and played for 13 more years, becoming the face of the team?  Only in professional sports do we glorify criminals and not bat an eye.  The news, that he used a banned substance to come back from his triceps injury,  has been scuttled to the miniscule sidebar on and no one wants to admit that this guy is a cheat and criminal.  Meanwhile he spouts religious rhetoric and claims that the devil is the reason behind all his detractors.  No, Ray, you’re just a murderer with deer antler extract in your system.  Who says cheaters never win?  Oh yeah, since New England got caught cheating their playoff record has been dismal. 

I made a decision to start another experiment.  The first one was this blog, which has been going for just about five years now.   The second was the shirt business which is just about four years old.   Now, I’m turning my attention to YouTube.  So, I bought FRAPS, which is a recording software for your computer, and I also have Windows Movie Maker on hand.   I hope to do some of my own videos on shirt designs, maybe some tutorials.  Of course, I’ll play some games with commentary… usually, how bad I am at stuff.    I plan on monetizing the videos, which I know is a pain, because I hate ads, but we’ll see.  I will have a full post, in the works, on what I’m planning.  Stay tuned.

For now, here’s my first test after fiddling with Minecraft and FRAPs.

And here's number 2..

I was without my cable box and DVR for about a seven days thanks to Comcast sending an update to the TV guide causing it to error out and die.  Those of you who have been reading the past five years know my DVR is usually at 90% or more capacity.   I had almost two seasons worth of Supernatural on there, thanks to my wife saying, “I want to see those.”    Well, the box shit the bed and I had to wait for a week because Mandino at Customer Care screwed up.  More on that in a later post.

Mother Nature
OK.   We went sled riding in my back yard on Saturday.  I went to work without a coat on Tuesday.  Now, there was ice and snow on the roads on Thursday.   KNOCK IT OFF!  If you’re going to be cold.  BE COLD!  Don’t tease me like this, you bitch.

J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars VII
Dear Internet, stop editing videos and pictures of Star Wars and Star Trek mixed together.  You are destroying the fabric of space and time and the geek universe can’t take much more of this.

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