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Monday, June 6, 2011

Text Me About My Weiner

A friend of mine posed a great statement.   "I'm glad I left the dating scene before people started emailing pictures of their genitals to each other."  Of course, my reply to that was that we both left the dating scene before you could really do that with cell phones.

In the wake of Weinergate and the fact that Anthony Weiner admitted to sending a picture of his package to a female just illustrates further that people, no matter how smart and how aware of the stupidity of doing such things, will continue to make asses out of themselves.

Recently, a PA Turnpike employee was accused of coercing underage girls into texting nude images of themselves to him.  The one girl received a message from an unknown phone number, claiming to be her boyfriend, asking her to send him a naked picture.  AND SHE DID IT!   Then, using fear and blackmail, he got more girls to send him pictures.

As a parent of a child that has yet to enter her teen years, I can only imagine what the technology will be capable of by then.  For the record she's only four but she acts like a teen.   Disappointment is the end of the world and she throws tantrums with the best of them.  Still, I plan on giving her a phone that calls four numbers;  Our house, our cell phones, and 911.   It will not be text capable and no phone will be included. 

The Internet:  Enabling People to Do Stupid Things Since 1991.

Oh, and how classic is it that a guy named Weiner gets busted for sending pictures of his...

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