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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why I am glad the Pennsylvania Primary is finally here

I'm glad that the PA Primary is finally here, because then the damn phone calls will stop.....for awhile.  I have gone on at length about my issues with phone calls.  Still, I understand that each candidate will try to get the most exposure and awareness of their campaign out to the masses before the primary on Tuesday, April 22.  However, I do not appreciate the fact that I've been called repeatedly by both Democratic candidates’ camps over the last few weeks. 

Let's see, we've had Ed Rendell send a recorded message.  He's for Hillary.  Then we have Senator Bob Casey sending his own message.  He's for Obama.  That should have been it.  Two calls and you're done.  You've got your message out to me.  I will go vote.   But, no, that can't be it.  They have to call on the weekends and remind me that there is a primary on Tuesday and want to know if I have a candidate in mind.   First of all, if I didn't know that there was a primary on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, you better check me for a pulse.  Everybody loves my little state come election time, but you all can't be bothered the rest of the months or years.  Secondly, even if I didn't know who to vote for, I sure as hell won't believe you.  You're not objective.  You don't lay out the facts.  You lay out what is more favorable for your candidate.

What's worse is that these punks seem to know exactly when to call to maximize my frustration.  It's Sunday and I've just got the baby down for a nap.  This gives her a much needed rest from chasing the cat and it gives me a much needed rest from chasing the baby.  "RING! RING!"  I say "hello" and of course there is a five second delay for someone to be assigned my call and here comes the spiel.    In fact, I've just decided to change my policy on the two "hellos".  You're only getting one.  Then I hang up.  The problem with that is that they just call back.   So, I'm prepared for the next call.  Once they get their political spiel out of the way, I'm giving them the "Do Not Call" story and then I'm going to tell them that yes, I have made my decision.  I'm voting for the other guy, even if it is the other guy/girl.  Why?  Because, you can't leave me alone.    You just destroyed my support for your candidate.  You call when you know you'll find someone at home.  If we don't answer, you don't leave a message on the machine or continue to call back.   You've done it.  You have just lost your candidate my vote.  I don't care who you are, but that's it.  In the scheme of things, I waste more energy giving them the third degree versus just listening and hanging up.   However, I'm tried of it.  I am sick and tired of being harassed by these folks.   You tell those people to call me directly.   I will speak to them.   I would appreciate a candidate who is willing to call me on the phone and speak to me one on one about the issues and my concerns for the presidency.  Don't hire people at minimum wage to do it for you.   Ed Rendell and Bob Casey don’t send me a recorded message.  Why don't you call me and ask how I feel about their performance.  Hey, Ed, thanks for getting us the new arena with Don Barden.  I'm glad we went with him instead of Isle of Capri.   I mean Isle of Capri was going to give us an arena and fix up the area.  Don is going to back out of his commitment to fix up the Hill District.  Here, I was worried he was going to screw us for no reason. 

And another thing that bothers me is campaign signs.  I'm on a tear, aren't I?  I think each candidate or their campaign should be fined a set amount of money for every day beyond the election that those signs stay up on the side of the road.  This is of course the ones that stick in the ground.  Billboards are fine, because they are paid advertisements.  The little signs in your yard are the ones for which I am asking a fine to be imposed.   It clutters up the landscape and tends to be an eyesore with all those colors abound. 

There you have it, my first and hopefully last political rant.  I'm Mongo and I approve this message.

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