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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST Theories for S6E12 Everybody Loves Hugo April 13th, 2010

I apologize for missing last Wednesday’s usual posting. Unfortunately, I had other things going on as you may have read in a previous post. That being said, we shall move on and carry on and keep heading towards the inevitable conclusion of LOST’s final season.
Because I wanted to play catch up with last week and still make this week’s post, I figured I would just post a few ideas instead of going into full tangent mode.

First up, did the actress playing Ilana have a run in with the Hawaii Highway Patrol? Just checking since she blew up rather unexpectedly after screaming for the umpteenth time about her “mission” and “training” to protect the candidates. Maybe, that’s what she did. She kept them from blowing up via Black Rock Dynamite. That stuff is insanely volatile.
Anyway, this episode was all about irony, in a sense. It was ironic that Ilana blew up after spouting off about her mission. It was ironic that Michael showed up at Libby’s grave site when Hurley really wanted to see Libby out of all the dead people who he’s seen. It was ironic that Hurley once again planned on blowing something up since the sister episode to this, entitled “Everybody Hates Hugo” had him plotting to blow up the Dharma rations since he knew it would get everyone mad at him when they ran out of food. It was ironic that Desmond was forced (read: thrown) into and underground hatch (read: well) by Locke Ness since it was Desmond who sort of forced Locke into the hatch to push the button when he took off. It was ironic that Desmond has become the Alterverse’s version of Jacob and instead of touching Locke after he crashed to the ground, he’s the one doing the crashing. People speculate the reason for Desmond doing what he did. I’ll get to that in the theories. And it was ironic that Ben, of all people, came to the aid of John Locke since he killed him in the original timeline. It was ironic that Hurley led the three people Locke Ness/MiB needed to get off the island right to him and then made him promise not to hurt anyone.
(I told you this was going to be short)
  1. Desmond plowed through Locke because:

    1. He loves Grand Theft Auto, brutha.
    2. He knows Locke is really MiB (The mirror to this is his response of “John Locke” when MiB asked if he knew who he was.)
    3. He wanted to show him something (Indirectly a nod to Charlie’s failed Lupe’s Escape move)
People have speculated that Desmond did this because he wants to out the MiB or at least kill him getting rid of the illusion or something. I say this was to push Locke into the care of Mr. Fix It, Jack Shepherd which will spawn a Jack/John Déjà vu moment when Jack touches scalpel to skin.
  1. The pouch contains:

    1. Jacob’s ashes gathered by Ilana from the Foot
    2. Jewels from The Inferno... enough to save the Goon Docks 
I’m not sure if the purpose is some sort of Matrix move wherein Hurley switches MiB’s regular coffee with Jacobian Blend or if whoever becomes the new Jacob needs the old Jacob in order to do it. In either case, somehow Hurley knew exactly what to do with the bag of ash.
  1. The island is a:

    1. Cork
    2. Tomb
    3. Womb
    4. ????

 The question was so simple. “What is the island.” I’ve been told that the secret is a four letter word with no As or Es and possibly an O. Well, Jacob pretty much told Richard what the island was in Ab Aeterno. It’s a cork keeping evil trapped. Maybe it’s a tomb…. Or a womb. Hmmm.
  1. MiB needs the others (no pun) because:

    1. He needs the conditions of the O6 leaving in order to be able to replicate it.
    2. He plans to just kill them in order to keep them from becoming the next Jacob
Think about it. Claire stands in for Aaron, and then he pretty much offs Sawyer and Jin before transferring himself into Frank. Hmm. Now wouldn’t the biggest head fake of all be that MiB is not really in Locke at all… or a piece of him is. I would not put Team Lost above referencing The Thing in an attempt to throw you off the path. Who says the Smoke Monster couldn’t be imitating multiple people. After all, Desmond called MiB John Locke and while a bit dazed and confused, Desmond seemed pretty in tune with what’s going on, though he did end up in a well.
Or it could just be that once they get in the air, he will kill everyone to keep them from becoming the next Jacob but I have a feeling that Desmond is special because he can repel the smoke because he’s got some kind of electromagnetic properties.
  1. The little boy is:

    1. A rapidly growing Jacob getting ready to assume the persona of a candidate and that’s why his hair has changed color with every candidate that witnesses him in the presence of MiB. Blond for Sawyer, Brown for Desmond.
    2. Young MiB reliving his childhood since he told Kate about it. 

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