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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOST Theories for S6E13 The Last Recruit April 20th, 2010

Since last night's episode was a repeat I will post last week's analysis... if you can call it that... today.  For some reason this never published last Thursday though it was scheduled to do so.   Technology is great when it works.  Ask the Dharma Initiative about that one.

Reunions. Yes, I tend to boil each episode down into one word but that’s how I viewed this episode. The biggest of all was the reunion of Jin and Sun but more on that later.

The other reunions of note in this episode are as follows. We have a reunion, of sorts, between the original Losties. Jack and Claire reunite as brother and sister in the original timeline and the alterverse. Jack and Locke reunite as opposing sides of the same coin in the original timeline and in the alterverse Jack is reunited with the man he spoke of miracles with while waiting for lost luggage to come up with some knives and a dead father at LAX. Kate and Jack reunite as two points of the exhausted love triangle of them plus Sawyer, even though it’s pretty apparent that Sawyer has moved on from Kate as a love interest. We also have a reuniting of Sayid and his soul…again more on that later.

Jack and Locke. At first I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was between their exchanged, Telemundo like, glances. The James Bond Horn riffs were in full effect as Jack trotted out of the flora into the sightline of his old nemesis, John Locke. Because we as an audience member see everything on the table whereas individual characters only get some of the given circumstances and that tends to get buried after three or four episodes that encompass maybe a day or two. I totally forgot that Jack wasn’t at the temple when MiB smoked the joint. He was at the lighthouse with Hurley earning infinite years of bad luck. In fact, Jack hadn’t seen Locke since he was in the funeral home back in the states, not to mention he had only seen him once in passing since they left the island from “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” But he already knew that something was wrong with Locke. Maybe someone filled him in on what happened, “previously on LOST.” Still, the old gang being back together meant the reunion of tension between Jack and Sawyer and Jack and Locke, not to mention the reunion with Sawyer and his Sawyerisms, the best aimed at Frank Lapidus claiming he just walked off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie and by calling him Chesty later on.

Anyone who really thinks that Sayid killed Desmond in the well needs to be… well… shot. It makes you wonder though if Desmond has the same power as the MiB did with potential assassins. “Don’t let him speak to you or it’s already too late,” seems to be the mantra with missions to kill the other guy. MiB told Alpert that and Dogen told Sayid that. In both cases they failed. Maybe Sayid did shoot Desmond, but since Desmond spoke to him before hand he negated the ability for Sayid to be able to kill him. Instead he reached out to Sayid as a human being needing redemption from sin for the sake of his loved Nadia. It seems as if both Claire and Sayid are now back on Team Jacob, for now.

I try not to be influenced by other writers when it comes to my opinion on the nature of things like LOST but Doc Jensen over at EW really ruined this episode for me, after I had watched the last episode and then read his recap. He suggested that perhaps MiB is not in fact impersonating John Locke. It seemed odd that Desmond chose to call MiB as John Locke while everyone can sense that he’s not. He suggested that maybe MiB is hiding like John Carpenter’s The Thing in someone else and pointed towards Frank “Chesty” Lapidus. That unnerved me because I really didn’t enjoy the payoff of Sun being reunited with Jin… and her voice because I kept thinking, “Wait a minute. Doc Jensen said that he thinks MiB is inside Frank Lapidus and Frank asked everyone to come down to the galley on the Elizabeth for some Frank and beans (get it) while Jack and Sawyer played King of the Boat and Jack jumped off. What if Frank infected everyone else and now Sun is part MiB. And now she’s running towards that sonic fence and is liable to go poof. Now, that would be a great twist…. Aw their kissing and I really missed that moment.” That was long winded, I admit, but I tend to think at 45 rpms while the show is moving at 33 1/3.

It was great to see them back together after all that time but the moment was short lived as Widmore turned the tables on Sawyer and now he’s back to being prisoner of the Others… one of the originals, mind you.

I don’t really have a lot to debunk other than I’m pretty sure that Widmore is not exactly on the side of good. Maybe he’s Chaotic neutral. Perhaps he’s simply trying to get Desmond to interact with a source of electromagnetic energy in order to turn back the hands of time to save Daniel, who knows. Ben once said Charles only wanted to exploit the power of the island. He broke the rules by making several trips off the island and having Penny. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, really in the larger scheme of MiB and Jacob’s bargument. The only theory I will pat myself on the back about is why Desmond ram rodded Locke. (20 points if you knock him out of the chair, brutha) He did it to put him in direct contact with Jack to spark a memory. And did you notice that he looked at Locke in a mirror?

I don’t even want to get into a lot of theories because it’s too hard to even fathom what could be going on with Jack and Locke, but I will pose this new theory about Jack.

  1. Jack’s wife/ex-wife is Juliet.
The age of David puts Jack’s age at the time of conception around 21. He could have conceivably met Juliet at medical school and fathered a child. Now that she is divorced or weary of men because of Jack she meets Sawyer and decides to get coffee but go Dutch. Perhaps Juliet will meet Sawyer at the hospital when he goes to talk with Sun about the shooting. Juliet will be the OB/GYN that helped save Sun’s baby.

  1. More than one Lostie is MiB
The biggest gamble of a theory I have is that at the end there will be a reveal that one or more of the remaining Losties aside from Locke will be MiB. Wouldn’t that be a trip if it all came down to Team MiB and Team Jacob standing on opposing sides only to have select members of Team Jacob turn and point their guns at Jack and Desmond. It’s a long shot theory because that would mean that Frank infected Hurley who was voted least likely to become a host for the smoke monster in his senior year.

That’s all I got. See you at the reunion here next week.

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