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Friday, August 13, 2010

LOST The Complete Collection Coming To DVD - BluRay August 24th,2010


Ok, so last week a few blogs and websites managed to jailbreak the 12 minute epilogue.  I managed to see two parts of it before they shut it down.  Those who have seen it have told me that it totally makes up for any pangs of hunger we may still have for Island Jack and the Losties.   [sigh]  I'm still a bit on the fence about the ending.   I want to love it with all the faith of a man pushing the button every 108 minutes yet I still feel cheated, in a way. 

That being said, August 24th is the release date for the DVD and BluRay collections of the complete series as well as the sixth season.  I have been holding out for the end of the series to get the whole collection.  I'm still kicking myself over the whole Buffy debacle where I managed to get seasons 1, 2, and 4 but didn't pick up anything else.  Then they had the entire series in a box set.  Damn you, impulses!   But, I digress.   Looks like a lot of cool stuff is going into the complete series collection including extra content, bloopers, an ankh, an island replica (is it in a snow globe?), a black light (is that to inspect the Hydra polar bear cages for... um ew.), and a Senet game for you and your immortal enemy to pass the time with in case you find yourself stuck on an island.

Honnnnneeeyyyy?   I lovvee you.  Merry Christmas early please?

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