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Friday, May 27, 2011

David O. Russell Exits Uncharted and There Was Much Rejoicing

Remember when they announced that David O. Russell was going to direct the Uncharted film adaptation and Marky Mark was going to star and we all collectively went, “Oh, Crap”?

Well, guess what? Russell is out as director!

The best news ever! I wonder if Marky Mark will be gone, too. Was he ever officially attached? The rumors of Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro being attached were almost enough for me to put my head right through my desk.

Now, the door is open. Naughty Dog, step up, help get this script right and grab Nolan North and stick him in a gym for the next year. Otherwise, go find Joss Whedon and have him doctor up the script and get Nathan Fillion’s tight pants out of storage and half tuck his shirt because he’s got some work to do, too.

I can only hope that everyone sat down and looked at what was about to happen with this movie and someone said, “WTF are doing here? Every geek will slit our throats if we screw this up.”

Would we really?

Yeah.  We would.

Here is one of the better FANMADE trailers for what an Uncharted movie would look like with Nathon Fillion as Drake.

And in case you forgot how cool this game series is, here are the trailers for Parts 1 and 2.

and also for part 3, coming out 11.11.11

I'm still not convinced the movie won't suck but at least it won't suck because d-bag David is directing it.

(Special thanks to my friend L.P. for passing along the news.  Made my day!)

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