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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Jagoff Knight

Holy frozen precipitation! There’s snow in downtown Gothamburgh.

Filming for Batman's, Dark Knight Rises, has moved from the campuses of Oakland to The North Shore and now on to downtown and from the reports I’ve gotten from friends and coworkers, the Dark Knight is a Jagoff. I’m not talking about Christian Bale being an ass and yelling at crew members. I’m just being silly, of course.

From the pictures and reports on television, the sod at Heinz Field… er Gotham Stadium looks more like post WPIAL championship play than preseason, thanks to a few explosions.

Today, one of my coworkers said that the Tumbler made the equivalent of a Pittsburgh Left in front of him at Fifth and Wood, while others reported snow on Oliver.

With the snow in Gothamburgh, I wonder if there would be any issue with the Jagoff Knight being able to save Gothamites stuck on snowy streets.

(In a gravelly voice) “If he wants a ride to the hospital, he’s going to have to walk to the Tumbler!”

To that point, my one friend said, Batman and the Tumbler would have no trouble reaching a snowed in residence. “It would just up and over those parked cars. Or blow them up.”

True. So, true.

Luke Ravenstahl is probably checking with the crew to see if one of the Tumblers can be left for the Pittsburgh EMS. Right after he sees if he can get picked up in the supplemental draft as a place kicker.

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