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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Kid, the Artist

My daughter loves to draw.  We go to restaurants and out come the Crayons and away go our place mats as she commandeers them for her masterpieces.  She's four, so I give her a lot of leeway.  She's not Monet or Picasso.  She's just a kid with an eye for color and design.

After a long day of work I get a lot of joy from being greeted by her and her latest artwork.   Today was no exception.   Here is her rendition of a brontosaurus.

I'll be here all week folks, tip your servers.

Hell, forget the tip, give them the whole thing. 

1 comment:

Diane T said...

Actually, if you've ever seen his drawings, that looks a lot like a Picasso. (He was a dirrrty old man.) Make sure you save that one!

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