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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avoiding the Plague Like... The Plague

Last week, my four year old had a double ear infection and the stomach flu, which tells me one thing.  It must be January.   At least this year, we have insurance, so she's on the mend.  This is good because you never want to see your kid so sick that she has fallen asleep with her hand on her arm dangling over the toilet sleep.  She was so sick throughout that night.

This weekend my wife also started to complain of her ear hurting and then, boom, stomach flu.  So, if she should wonder why I spent most of the weekend in the man cave, finishing up Dead Island, which coincidentally is about a resort that gets hit with an infectious disease that makes everyone become zombies, there's your answer.  I don't want the stomach flu.

I had it a few years back over Valentine's Day.   This year's bout was over my wife's birthday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  See, we don't do well with holidays.   I was determined to not get it.   At least, I was hoping that if I did, in fact, get it, it would be before having to go back to work.   So far, so good, but my ear started hurting yesterday.  I've had an insatiable appetite, though.   I guess that's great because I'd rather have a full stomach than be dry heaving.  Let's hope I'm not coming down with any cravings for raw meat...


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