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Monday, May 6, 2013

WUMF: April 2013 Edition

You’re all expecting these to be at least a week now, right?  I know.  Bad blogger.  But, here it is, another WUMF.

Obligatory YouTube Update
So, we’re four months into this experiment and it’s been slow.   I’ve actually found it somewhat hard to record.  Sometimes I need to be in a talkative mood, or at least in a good mood.  I only get to record after 9pm and that’s usually when I start getting tired. 

That being said, I caved and started adding ads to my videos.  Now, to be fair, I’ve only added the ones that overlay the videos and don’t make you wait 30 seconds or more to start watching the actual content.    The reason why I did was that I ended up filling an entire terabyte hard drive in a short time and had to buy another three terabyte one to stave off space issues.  That now brings the total amount of money spent on equipment alone to nearly $300 if you count FRAPS.   Not to mention I bought three brand new games to do videos for.

I also started to see an uptick in a couple of my vids.   The funny thing was, they were crap.  I was trying to play Dead Island Riptide and the fps went to shit when I started recording.   The videos became more about how bad it was and was there a way to fix it.   Still nothing, but both have seen over 100 views.    Yeah, I know that’s still a crap number, but comparative to the rest of my work, that’s the highest view count, by at least three times, I’ve had on any video.   Because of that, I needed to monetize some, so I can start recouping my costs.  That is, after all why I am doing this.  I want to show people how you can do it and make money.

I’m still looking to post an update to all of this, explaining what I am doing, but I’ve found other things to do with my channel.  I have a couple of oddball vids that are either of a tutorial nature or just me having fun with the editing process.  Links below.

Random Bits: Atari Adventure

How To Record DOSBox With FRAPS

The Easter Bunny Is From Best Buy?
My daughter got a tablet for Easter.  She’s five and better at Candy Crush Saga than her mother.   How sad is that?   I was initially against her getting one because I did not want to foster that technology suck hole that has swallowed up so many over-privileged children, turning them into the asshats we’ve come to know and loathe in the world.   Still, she spent a lot of time playing Nick Jr. and Qubo games on her mother’s laptop that it became a bit annoying to have to share.

However, we do have limitations on it.  She isn’t allowed to just install apps without us helping, especially since there are free ones that are intended for 16-18+ age groups.   Also, if she gets a yellow light at Kindergarten, which is a warning, she does not get to use it that day.  And, if she gets one on Friday, that’s the whole weekend.   So, I can always tell how the day went if I walk in the door from work and she’s not on her tablet.

She’s also been running around making videos of the cats and commenting while she plays games.   Trying to be like Dad, I guess.

Since December, I’ve lost 30 lbs.  That’s still a struggle as I bounce up and down the scale a few pounds.   It has gotten better.  In fact, I spent a lot of time outside in the yard and didn’t mind it as much as I normally do.   This past weekend, I mowed the entire yard, a feat that nearly induces a heart attack since I live on a hillside.   Last year, I would usually split grass cutting duties with my wife.  She would cut the top, flat area and I cut the hill.  However, she was at work and the yard was ragged.   The entire thing was growing faster than normal, so I bit the bullet and did it.   

I had to stop in between, primarily because we had a lot of downed limbs that I needed to cut up and toss.   So, in between the front and the back, I removed limbs.   In between the back and the hill, I sat and drank water.   Then, after every few rows, I had to keep dumping the bag.  

Now, I am usually not a big fan of bagging clippings but the first cut is always a high one and with the added moisture still in the air from April, it is better to clear the clippings instead of letting them stay in the yard to rot.  That mower is a beast, though.   It’s much easier with the standard, no bagger mower.   I just decided to keep on trucking and not stop and it was rewarding to look at a nicer, cleaner, yard.

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