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Friday, January 3, 2014

WUMF: December 2013 Edition

Hey, I’m still consistent.  It’s after the New Year and I’m just now getting out the WUMF.

Maybe this will be the last one.

Seriously, it’s hard enough to come up with some blog posts let alone a random wrap up of the month, but here it goes, anyway.

Steelers’ Season
I admit, I quietly cursed Succup for missing that field goal but then realized, “I’m blaming Kansas City’s kicker and the refs for the Steelers not getting into the playoffs.”  Really?  They were 8-8 and blew games against New York, Minnesota, and Oakland.   If they had won those easy games, they would have been 11-5 and been in the playoffs.  They just didn’t get it done this year.  And let’s not blame Ben Roethlisberger on this one.  He looked better than ever on paper and on the field.  The first four games were the death of them.  But looking back at the other games, New England is the only team that blew them out on offense.  Otherwise, they were on pace with scoring.  The defense was the culprit on a lot of these losses.  Ryan Clark and Ike Taylor need a good stern talking to.   It also doesn’t help that half of your star players were out with injury throughout the year.   That team had an identity crisis with the revolving roster and no banned table game time is going to fix that mess.  Better luck next year.

I’ve actually finished some walkthroughs.  WOW.  With Sims 3 and Minecraft ongoing, I’m looking to start some more.  If I could get the PS3 box to record right, I would have put up me and Bailey playing Little Big Planet or even me playing GTA V.   I still can’t figure it out and there’s no alone time to play those games.  Bailey is kind of getting herself into a lot of vids, which is fine, but I can’t be as bad as I usually am with language or situations.  But she’s doing her own adventure maps for me to play… which is pretty neat for a six year old.  She’s got quite the sense of humor when it comes to this stuff, so maybe we’ll see some humor incidentally from her work.  With Limbo and Little Inferno done, I need to get back on the Design It series since Game of Thrones will be back up in a couple months.  I still have probably 10 design videos to record.  I’d also like to do some shorts.  I got a new phone with a better resolution and video capabilities… so, here’s hoping.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!?!?!?  I’ve been using YouTube to get my music fix but with the new phone, Pandora has been awesome.   I’m joining the 21st century, I guess.  The only thing that sucks is well, the ads, and that I can’t get skip too many songs before I get stuck on something I don’t like.  I can thumbs down it, but it may actually be a song I like, but just not at the moment.  I tried I Heart Radio and it’s not bad if I want to listen to my local stations where I can’t.

PNC Float
OK, if you have a checking account with PNC, you’re going to notice that it’s free but it isn’t.  The reason is that you need to have at least $1000 in direct deposit into your account in order to keep them deducting $10 each month.  But, if you do have that, they still deduct it and then put it back in the next day.  So, you get your $10 back and they get the interest off of $10 times their total customer base.  It’s called a float I guess and even though it might be a miniscule amount of cash in that 24 hour period, the number of customers they do this to can add up in terms of total profits. 

I know, people say, “Get a credit union.”  Yeah, well, that would be fine if I could hit up an ATM for my credit union wherever I am.  PNC has that luxury.    They’ve slowly started to strip out all the benefits from being a customer.  I guess that’s the cost of doing business with a bank looking for every available loop hole to make money off its customers.  

This was a pretty easy write up… maybe the WUMF will stick around.  Be sure to post your thoughts on me, my writing, or anything non-spammy.
Happy New Year.

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