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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Pick For President in 08

Uh oh, here he goes again. There’s that Mongo spouting his political views for the masses. Be careful, he’s a proponent of the evil media. The blogosphere that doesn’t stand behind facts and just uses loosely based threads of lies to tout his message. Well, I’ll try to keep my beliefs to a minimum and then we can back to more fun filled top ten lists of things nobody ever thinks about in the world.

However, I would like to take the time to ask you all to get out and vote. It’s an important process we have as Americans and I’d like to share my choice for President in this coming historical election. My candidate is unlike any other. He doesn’t recognize whether you are a blue state or a red one. He has no care whether or not you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent voter. I believe he is the best choice. Let me expound on some of his qualities.

  • He’s safe for the environment
  • He's a supporter of alternative fuels and is not reliant on oil, foreign or domestic.
  • He’s conscious of the environment.
  • He’s a friend to animals. No moose hunting here.
  • He can make a budget go a long way.
  • He has a direct line of sight on global warming.
  • He's known as a giver all over the world.
  • He has great foreign policy skills as he has travelled all over the world on a regular basis.
  • We need a cool head at the helm and he’s very well tempered as he deals with constant whining all day long.
  • There’s no confusion on whether someone is an ally or an evil doer.
  • He sees the entire picture, day or night.
  • He has solid family values.
  • He’s created tons of jobs.
  • He has a positive effect on the economy.
  • He's a folk hero with numerous songs written about him and the work he does.
  • He's not afraid to go door to door.
  • He’s diligent in his investigation of the facts.
  • He's been around for a long time and has no sign of getting any older.
  • Most importantly, he could get the job done on day one, or more specifically in one night.

Yes, my choice for President is someone who we can all get behind.

Santa Claus

Vote for the Original Elf in '08.

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