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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Original Mavericks

Just stopping in briefly to give you my unofficial political commentary. I try to stay away from the political issues here because I am neither fully informed or objective when it comes to my choices. There are smarter people out there debating the candidates and I don't want to feed into the blogosphere of unchecked facts about issues. I will say that despite the NRA hiccup, appears to be a non-partisan entity. That being said, I had to offer up my own ire at the repetitive and increasingly annoying "Maverick" label attached to the McPalin campaign. Here are some real Mavericks.

Cedar Point's Maverick Roller Coaster

Members of the original Dallas Mavericks' 1980 squad.
Tom LeGarde, Ralph Drollinger, and Jerome Whitehead.

On a more political note. Here is a campaign poster for my favorite Maverick.

Or better yet...

That's all I got for today. Have fun.

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