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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Year In Mongo

It has been a year since I made my first post. And now, here I am with 147 posts under my belt. I've decided to dedicate my year anniversary post to that time honored tradition in television known as "The Clip Show." I've gone over all my posts made since February of 2008 and chosen my favorite posts to re-share...cause I'm lazy and I've been down with the stomach flu since Sunday.

We'll start off the dance down memory lane with one of my earliest diatribes on my love of coffee. From there on, it's a free for all.

I'd like a double tall, half caf, half foam, Mocha Choca lata ya ya....with a twist.
Everything from Kenny G to pegged jeans to Bob Ross is discussed with coffee being the constant throughout the years.

From the path of truth, John Hughes hath led me astray.
Ah yes, the first in a long line of pointless pop culture filled rants that I really enjoyed writing.

They're always 'effing with me Lucky Charms
I liked this one just because the title made me laugh. It also showcased my first attempt at embedding YouTube videos. I went a little overboard.

15 minutes of lame
There is no shame in detailing my rise and fall as an actor. At least there is no modesty.

The Great American Road Trip Mix Tape #4
The soundtrack of my life. Contains a link to part 2.

Stall Tactics
Bathroom etiquette for men.

All Your Free Time Are Belong To Us
A huge series devoted to video games from the arcades to consoles to the home computer.

They call me Mr. Fitty Cent!
A run in with the law leaves Mongo a little short on change.

Meet Me At Hemmy's.
Lamenting the loss of one of my favorite watering holes.

The Baseball Story
A great story as told by a relative over dinner.

Four of a Kind is a Full House
A cat lover's lament

Good vs. Evil: The Internet
A look at how good or bad the Internet is.

Behind The Red Room Door
The junk room exposed.

We Are Errant Knaves, All
A tale of how a little thievery goes a long way.

Post Apocalyptic Pool Hall at the End of the Outer Banks
Another great title for another great story.

The 50 Greatest High Schoolers On Film.
My biggest series that required the most work. Counting down from 50-1.

The Best Halloween Television Marathon Ever
Another best of...

Best of Bond Themes
Counting down the best James Bond themes over the years.

A Merry Mongo Christmas: My favorite Holiday Shows
A Three part series showcasing my favorite holiday shows.

Piss On LEGO
Mongo Sr. retells his tale of Christmas shopping

Here's to year number two.

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