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Monday, October 5, 2009

Project 10 to the 100 update

Way back in the beginning of the year I entered into a Google run contest called Project 10 to the 100th. It was an effort to pick an idea that could do the most good in the world. The winner would get financial backing or help in securing the financial backing to make the idea a reality.

The original vote date was in February. Then, it got pushed back to March. Well, after months of waiting for Google to evaluate the over 150,000 applicants, they’ve finally selected finalists to be voted upon. Unfortunately, I am not one of those finalists.

Now, I’m not expecting anyone to have actually been waiting for an update, but I figured I had to at least practice due diligence with having posted the information back at the beginning of the year. If you still want to participate and choose the best entry from the finalists, go ahead. May the best idea win.

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