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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Man Arrested For Being Naked In Own Home

We have become a very litigious society. People will sue and counter sue at the drop of a hat. I spilled hot coffee on my lap. I must sue the fast food restaurant for serving me hot coffee. You get the idea. A majority of all cases involving suing for damages and what not are ridiculous cases that should never have gone to court. The fact that lawyers are willing to take on these cases just goes to show that Shakespeare was right.

On the other side of that coin of justice is the amount of asinine charges being filed against people for no reason. Grown adults have reverted into nine year olds on the playground threatening to tell their big brother to come kick your ass for kicking dirt in their faces. Sometimes when people abuse the justice or law enforcement system, it plays out to hilarious effects such as the continually aired 9/11 calls from people who aren’t happy with the burger they got from the drive through.

Case in point here is the Virginia man who was busted for indecent exposure while in his own home. Eric Williamson came downstairs, in the early hours one morning, to make a cup of coffee. He was naked at the time and alone in the house. A woman passerby spotted him and called the police. She was walking with a seven year old boy and cutting through Eric’s front yard from a path behind the house when she saw him. Police arrived and arrested Eric, charging him with indecent exposure. In reading this paragraph, you should notice two things about this case. The first one was that Eric was in his own home and the second was that the lady was trespassing on his property when she peeped in his window.

Now, according to the video posted within this article, the system has to prove that Eric intentionally appeared in the window naked, wanting to be seen by this woman. Unless this trespassing was a regular occurrence, how could Eric have known someone was outside. If it was, then you could argue that he may have been tired of people cutting through his property and wanted to give them a show as a prank OR he is truly an individual that does this for fun and knew that this lady or anybody else would be able to see him in his glory.

I say, this lady was should be charged for trespassing and possible invasion of privacy laws. Why even bother calling the police? Who cares? It’s your own dumb luck that you happened to be cutting through this guy’s lawn when he went down for a cup of French Roast with his coffee beans hanging out. I bet she wouldn’t have called the cops had she been cutting through the yard of Hugh Jackman or some other good looking guy and saw them naked in their kitchen.

Think about this, what if the roles were reversed? What if it were a guy walking by and noticed a woman? Who would have been arrested? That’s right. Even if he would have called the cops on her, he would have been given some kind of charges no matter who the woman was.

This is a complete waste of tax payers time not to mention perpetuating the precedence that you can just call the cops for little thing that you don’t like. I hope he beats this rap because it carries a stiff penalty of up to a year in jail. Certainly, any judge would be nuts to think that this case is anything other than other than stupidity. This guy is getting the shaft.

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