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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Childhood Christmas Commercial Memories

Last year I ran down my all time favorite shows on at Christmastime. But what about those gems of capitalism that come on in between your favorite shows? I've compiled [read: stole from YouTube] a few of my favorites for you.

First up, local fare from the SW PA and surrounding areas. It's for Eat'N Park.

Next up, who could forget this classic tear jerker from Folger's. The one from this year just isn't as sincere as the original from 1986.

This one wasn't hard to find. It's the Coca Cola commercial from the 70s with the hilltop singers.

And another from 1986. It's a Hills Stores Commercial with a...I'm not sure if he's an elf or a gnome or Willow but he knows where the toys are.

Hand bells and kisses. Hershey's yearly commercial with the kisses ringing out "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

How about another one from Coca-Cola? Did anyone ever try burying a pine cone in the hopes that a fully grown and decorated tree would grow? Maybe Art Carney was truly magical. And maybe someone out there could also be magical and find me that commercial online. It's harder to find than a Cabbage Patch Kid, Tickle Me Elmo, and Zhu Zhu Hamster in the Christmas Shopping Time Warp.

UPDATE: 11/2013 - I found it!  It's from 1988 and features Art Carney and Brian Bonsall (the Cousin Oliver of Family Ties)


Another local one. The Pennsylvania Lottery has a yearly Christmas commercial where they parody "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Each year they manage to keep it relevant with rotating lyrics for the current offerings. This commercial has been playing since the early 90s, at least. Once again, I cannot find it online. Someone has to remember it. "Five....Cash...Five"

UPDATE 11/2010 Thanks to Narpin for finding and posting the Five Cash Five commercial on YouTube. Now my life is complete. Share your own memories from Christmas commercials. Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

Unknown said...

I am disappointed.. the PA Lottery has redone the classic holiday commercial. I am the African American caroler in the original. I WAS very proud to have my kids grow up watching that every year.
oh well, no more...

Mongo said...

Well, howdy. Thanks for coming by. That's awesome. Yeah, I like the classics, too. I guess with the change in games they had to redo some of it. Still, I think they should get the original cast back together.

Anonymous said...

I miss the original too...Could you tell me what year that commercial was filmed?

Mongo said...

I've been told by two different sources that the original was from 1992. Then again, they could be referencing each other and also be wrong.

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