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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST Theories For S6E6 Sundown March 3rd, 2010

Ok, I should have done this seasons ago but to sit and try to condense all that is in LOST’s mythology of misery would make my head explode. I’ve tried and tried to put one of these together since the season premiere this year but just got lazy. So, for the next 10 or 11 weeks, I will TRY to devote Wednesday’s post to a theory about LOST. That theory may or may not be crap and get debunked but I thought this would be fun. Once again, what I think and what you think are probably two different things. Please be aware that there could be spoilers in this post if you have not watched that week’s episode so you’ve been warned.
Anyway, here we have the LOST Theoryies Du Jour for Sundown. I have several thoughts on where this is going.

  1. MiB, UnLocke, Flocke, Lockeness, Esau, Nemesis, Not Lock, whatever you call him is a fallen angel, perhaps the devil.
  2. The “Alternate” Timeline or Flash Lefts, as I call them, are indeed part of the original timeline and are evidence that the MiB has gotten off the island and taken people with him. That being said, I think if he falls into theory number one then he has fulfilled the wishes of those he gathered as a flock and this “alternate” timeline are those wishes playing out. Unfortunately, there is a price to be paid.
        a. Sayid wanted Nadia alive and so she is but she’s married to his brother.
        b. Hurley is lucky instead of unlucky and can help his friends but something is missing.
        c. Jack has reconciled his Daddy issues by means of his son but something isn’t right about that.
        d. Claire gets to raise her baby off the island but someone will threaten them.
        e. Kate is free off the island but still on the run instead of being acquitted.
        f. Sawyer is no longer at odds over his parents death but something else is wrong.
        g. Charlie is still alive but still an addict and in prison.
  3. The Flash Lefts are not reality and are just a metaphysical construct brought on by the MiB (Kind of like the Matrix) and Jack is becoming more aware of this in the Flash Lefts.
  4. The end of the Flash Lefts’ alternate timeline will fold back on itself as a course correction which puts the whole, “Whatever Happened, Happened” mantra of Faraday and “It only ends once, everything before that is progress” quote from Jacob into perspective. MiB tries to rewrite history to get off the island but some event at the end of the alternate timeline causes the whole thing to unravel and go back to what we are seeing in the present with the Lighthouse and The Temple and The Cave.
  5. Jack’s purpose at the Lighthouse was to actually destroy the mirrors because:
        a. it allows the truth of the Flash Lefts to be revealed.
        b. It unmasks the island from Widmore who can put things right. That means that MiB has been manipulating Ben far longer than we thought.
        c. Desmond can return
        d. It was simply to give Jack a reason to become who he needs to be.
  6. Sayid is definitely bad and Claire is headed there. Kate will do what she can to save her.
  7. Richard Alpert on the black rock as an Egyptian Slave. Something causes the ship to wreck into the middle of the island and the MiB frees him. He was given long life by the MiB as a wish fulfillment but somehow caused MiB’s non corporeal state when he realizes that he’s on the wrong side and takes the role of PR man for Jacob. “It’s nice to see you out of those chains.” 
  8. The reason why Jacob and MiB cannot kill each other directly is because they are the same entity and only through indirect contact can the scale of power be tipped towards one consciousness and eventually it will be revealed ala Tyler Durden.
  9. Hurley is the key to everything. The last episode is entitled Everybody Loves Hugo. (Highlight this with your mouse to see it.
More next Wednesday. Hopefully I can go back and cross out or bold theories based on their accuracy as time permits.

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