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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST Theories For S6E9 The Package March 30th, 2010

Wednesday’s are always a bit sluggish for me. It’s not that it’s hump day. It’s Day After Lost Day and that means I’m up until usually after 1:00 watching my bloated DVR’s saved episode from earlier that night. However, this Wednesday wasn’t as bad as last Wednesday. Last Wednesday I got little sleep because my head was swirling with thoughts about Richard Alpert and the similarities of MiB and Jacob to certain Bugs Bunny characters named Sam and Ralph. This Wednesday we get a little bit of a lopsided scale of revelation and piece movement. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t mean peace, I meant piece as in chess pieces. Perhaps last night’s episode was an exercise in castling. Perhaps not.

With only enough episodes left that my old shop teacher could almost count without removing a shoe we have the Jerry Reed problem. "We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there." So, it seems silly to burn an episode placing pieces around the board but there was more going here which may or may not get resolved in the end. First and foremost we know who/what the package is. And is anyone surprised? Ok. That gets chalked up in the “duh” column. Second of all we get a glimpse of what MiB’s plan is but we don’t know why as of yet. (See Theories) Lastly, we get a heavy dose of that wacky couple who just can’t seem to get together Ross and Rachel… I mean Jin and Sun. That was the best part.

Summing up the action. Jin and Sun aren’t married in the Flash Left Verse. They are however going at it like Losties in a polar bear cage, though. How do we know? Well, the drawn out answer is that Sun is pregnant thanks to a heart wrenching admission after she is shot by Patchy who wasn’t Patchy in Sideways World until Jin made him Patchy and Deady. The short answer is that we saw ample amounts of Sun’s…. um, we saw, um…. There were boobs and that’s all I remember because they made it a point to give them their own close up, twice. We also saw that Jin wasn’t exactly tenderized as we thought he was from the previous episode with Sayid meeting with Omar and Keamy. That was simply Omar being Dum-mar and Keamy being a slimy Christopher Walken that he has been emulating since he first showed up on the series.

Back in the real world, Locke and Sayid decide to go visit the rival summer camp across the lake after lights out and attempt to find out what their secret weapon is for the camp summer games. It’s only fair since they kidnapped our best potato sack racer, Jin. And they are taking an outrigger. OOOh, could they actually end up firing a few shots at time skipping Sawyer and company from last season? Um, no. I truly think Lindelof and Cuse are seriously effing with the audience with the final explanation of that. Every time someone gets near a boat I get all excited.

It’s nice to know Sayid isn’t feeling quite himself because I think he’s going to go kill Desmond. We also get a sense that Locke needs the O6 alive to get off the island or at least he needs them to stay away from being Jacobified so that he can leave. He needs all the candidates not because it makes him stronger but that it keeps him from being stopped. Once they’re on the plane and off the island, Claire is free to be Crazies on a Plane. He also continually tries and somewhat succeeds in giving characters enough rope to hang themselves or someone that he doesn’t want around which was like channeling the alive Locke who helped Sawyer take care of their mutual problem. He’s the wish bringer. He gives people what they want versus Jacob who gives them what they need. The only exception could be that he does grant Richard his final request of immortality but he says he couldn’t bring his wife back, yet MiB offers something similar to another character. Of course, the problem with that idea is that Dogen said Jacob offered him the life of his son for his service on the island. Still working on that one.

Meanwhile at the hall of justice a.k.a. the beach, Ilana is doing more gun cleaning than a guy holed up in a shack in North Dakota fuming about the government. Ben is being, well Ben, and Sun is trying to keep her mind on things that don’t entail sitting around and waiting. So, she trots off to see her garden and lo and behold there’s Locke Ness Monster with his man boobs offering to take her to see Jin. She decides to pull a Friday the 13th Female Victim #2 and run away only to turn and look for the monster who isn’t there and bonk her head into a tree. And that is why I always recommend that if you ever, ever, get trapped in a horror movie sequel that you run away from the monster for a few feet then turn around and run in the opposite direction because they are never behind you anymore. They are always in front of you waiting behind a tree and throwing out bits of trees to trip you up.

Now Richard’s back and he says, “We’ve got to blow up the plane!” And Sun, in Korean, is like, “FukYu.” And Jack is like, “See this tomato” and Sun is like “Oh, Jack, they always give you the uplifting speeches that relate to a medical procedure or gardening…” Now give me more paper because this Post It pad got filled up with that last sentence. Hey, Sun, while you’re at it, can you move the Post It pad a little to your right. I can’t read your responses unless she wrote, “I don’t trust V’s” underneath it. I mean WTF? (Internet Slang Quota Per Post now reached) That was annoying to see that stupid plug in the corner of the screen for most of the episode. At least they didn’t use it earlier in the episode to cover her….um… yeah.

And now for the worst part of this episode and what I fear will be the worst part about this season. Zoe. She’s like the bearded archeologist in Lost World Jurassic Park. You know that character that’s brought in late in the game to either shake things up and make it watchable or they come with some unshared knowledge about what’s going on and then become too important. I’ve been scouring for the actual name but another example is Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For four seasons we have a core group of characters that have been developed over time and during the fifth season a new character was introduced who ends up being the key to the entire season, literally. Think of in terms of "Chekhov’s newborn sibling." She’s Nikki and Paulo redux and apparently, she’s very important, at least she appears to be acting like she’s been on the show since the beginning giving interviews and what not.


There’s not much to refute since we already knew Desmond was the package.

The Flash Left Verse didn’t give us anything new except for Sun’s recognition of something strange in the mirror and her…. Um…. Her, um….. *giggle.* Come on, they had their own closeup.

However we can start to whittle the reasons for why the Lighthouse side quest happened.
1. Jack’s purpose at the Lighthouse was to actually destroy the mirrors because:
    a. it allows the truth of the Flash Lefts to be revealed. 10%
    b. It unmasks the island from Widmore who can put things right. That means that MiB has been manipulating Ben far longer than we thought. 20%
    c. Desmond can return 45%
    d. It was simply to give Jack a reason to become who he needs to be. 25%
First of all because Jack mentioned it and anytime an episode leads off with a “Previously on…” clip showing something that hasn’t been seen for awhile or makes mention of a place, person, or event that hasn’t been mentioned for awhile they usually become important. Since both Desmond and the Lighthouse are mentioned then I give letter c more weight because there are a lot of connections between Desmond and the name Wallace which was listed as 108 on the lighthouse dial. After all, Eloise said the island wasn’t done with him yet. What that has to do with a geophysicist and pockets of electromagnetic energy is anyone’s guess and I am anyone.

3. Widmore is able to find the island because:
      a. He is the friend Jacob was guiding towards the island and his name is actually Wallace.
      b. Desmond is on that sub and his name his family name is actually Wallace.
      c. Locke-Ness has killed Jacob leaving the island unveiled and seen by Widmore.
      d. He went to the Lamp Post
It seems that all are really probable except for d. because there hasn’t been any mention of the lamp post yet this season or Faraday for that matter in terms of lineage. But, if we see a “Previously on…” with Faraday being shot by his mother or Widmore being slapped by Eloise then it might be true.
1. Locke Ness Monster and Widmore hate each other.
Perhaps Widmore was rightfully protecting the island all along and by keeping Locke Ness Monster on the island a sort of white/dark force is still kept in check. Could you imagine him getting off the island?

Unless there is a Palpatine moment about to happen I think it’s safe to say that this is now true.

  1. Zoe is...

    1. A pain in the ass.
    2. The key to everything.
    3. A red herring.
    4. A geophysicist with a knack for finding pockets of electromagnetic energy.
I say all of the above, except I hope I’m wrong about b. Honestly, she is a bit annoying and such a trope of fantastical and mysterious plots. I said before she is the Cousin Oliver character that gets introduced way late into a show’s run who is suddenly all important and acts like she’s been around since the first episode. Her only funny line is the one about hiring a mercenary instead of a geophysicist. We see how that worked out for Widmore.
  1. Desmond is there because…

    1. He is the key to everything.
    2. He is the ultimate candidate which is tragic considering his history with the island and Penny.
    3. His affected neurological disorder that caused him to become unstuck in time could help them find the third pocket of electromagnetic engery.
    4. The island isn’t done with him yet.
We all knew Desmond was important but as to why is not yet clear. Perhaps Widmore just wants him away from Penny, but why? Maybe he knows how important Desmond was all along but really wanted him away from Penny to spare her the eventual heat break when he becomes the new Jacob.

  1. The Three People Kate Needs To Get Are…

    1. Jack, Hurley, and Sun (All candidates but who flies the plane?)
    2. Jack, Hurley, and Frank (What about Sun being a candidate?)
    3. Sun, Hurley, and Frank (Do you really think Jack would buy anything Locke/MiB had to sell?)
    4. Sun, Jack, and Frank (Hurley would never trust Locke/MiB as he is communicating with Jacob now on a regular basis)

  2. Adam and Eve are…

    1. Rose and Bernard  - 40% Most acceptable answer as we have not seen them yet in the OT
    2. Jin and Sun  - 20% It would be the payoff of them finally being reunited.
    3. Desmond and Penny - 10% Low score on this since if Desmond ends up being the new Jacob he wouldn’t have died and these skeletons died in the past.
    4. Kate and Jack 10% Unlikely since they would have to time travel again.
    5. Kate and Sawyer 10% Unlikely in that Sawyer was married to Juliet, he’s done with Kate romantically.
    6. Never explained 9% I’d have a brain melt down.
    7. Nikki and Paulo 1% That would send me over the edge.

That's all I got.   One thing that I find interesting is that everyone in the Flash Left Verse has checked themselves in a mirror and found something interesting.  Only Sawyer has punched one.  And, why doesn't MiB just go down and spin the FDW for a free trip to Tunisia?  Maybe it's in the rules somewhere.

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