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Friday, March 26, 2010

Woman Attacked In Monroeville PA Book Store

No happy childhood stories, no witty remarks about growing up in the 80s. This is as serious and to the point as it gets.

Recently, a couple were at Barnes and Noble in Monroeville, PA. The husband and wife went in separate directions and while alone, the wife was surrounded by a group of girls and hit on the back of the head with a lead pipe. The girls proceeded to beat her while she was on the ground. The husband, going to find her, saw his wife being attacked and tried to stop it. More of the girls restrained him and tell him not to interfere, that this was a gang initiation.
No police to stop it. No security to rescue them. It just simply took place in a book store.

Now, the wife of this guy is in the hospital. The worst part is, for whatever reason, local police and media are not talking about it or warning the general public. This is a very large and busy mall in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Some of you not familiar with the area may know Monroeville Mall from the George Romero movie Dawn of the Dead in 1978. But this is not a movie. This is a real situation.

HAD IT BEEN my wife, I would have done everything in my power to help her. I cannot fathom standing witness to this act and feeling as helpless as the husband in this situation. I sure as hell would have been pulling hair, throwing books, chairs, screaming FIRE, or anything to draw attention to this. Of course, my wife would tell you that there would have been a bunch of gang members in the ER and not her but when you get caught from behind with a lead pipe and are dropped to the ground, beaten by multiple attackers, it's hard to get the drop on them.

So, Pittsburgh area visitors and residents be aware and stick close to a group in case this happens again. Let's hope that the media and police start releasing information to warn the public. Let's hope some fellow citizens take action and start helping. I say, you attack me or my family, all bets are off. That's it. One way or another you're getting taken down for such a heinous crime. I'm just that much of a prick to make it a personal mission to get justice.


Anonymous said...

What are your sources?

Mongo said...

Ones I can't divulge. But think of this... I'm a small time blogger...
I don't have that much of an audience.

Someone else speaks of the same account that I did.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there was no gang and there was no lead pipe. Furthermore, it was a sucker punch and the assailant fled into the passenger side of a sedan. The husband was not held against his will by a gang of girls and a license plate number was established. The husband did what he could and ran to her aid. Sorry security and police aren't omnipresent. They'll have to work on that

Mongo said...

I can divulge some more at this time if you can divulge yours. It was not determined whether or not this was isolated or gang related. However, the attack did happen and it was not reported through the police or media.

As it sometimes happen the details tend to become more embellished as the story passes hands. I heard it from someone who...well you know. But I was given a copy of the original message that came from a friend of the victim, explaining the incident and I know the friend so this comes right from first hand knowledge from the victim.

Yes, there was one hit... the heel of the palm to the eye socket which knocked the woman on the ground. The Starbucks employee inside the B&N covered the woman and told her to lay still. The husband chased the girls to a waiting sedan, as they escaped. He attempted to stop them and break the back window but noted a baby seat in the back and thought otherwise.

In any case, I am not trying to say that security or police AREN'T doing their job. Pittsburgh law enforcement has had more than enough of their share of problems and I do not discount their service or vigilance in keeping the community safe. I am merely stating that these things are happening in the area and it needs to be made known if people choose to shop there.

Anonymous said...

I was there that night... and your story is crazy.

Anonymous said...

i know her personally and the chief, and that is pretty much how it went. so the storys crazy, yes, but its true.

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