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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 D-Bag Awards Round One: Death vs. Mother Nature

Death – (2012 winner) vs Mother Nature

This is the match.  This is always the biggie for me here at M.A.M.S.  Death has won the award the most times and last year’s hands down victory was a given in that I had neither the time nor the energy to even consider counting down the biggest d-bags of the year.   Newtown and a host of other events last year drained my will to want to remember what all happened and I simply gave Death the win.  In all seriousness, he probably would have won, regardless.  So, back again for another try, he takes on the only force he can evenly be matched with, Mother Nature.

Death did not take a holiday in 2013. 
We give famous people their due on Social Media with posting that they died.  2013 was no different.  Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela, Ray Price, Peter O’Toole, Joan Fontaine, Tom Laughlin, Eleanor Parker, Frederick Sanger, Syd Field, Doris Lessing, Mike McCormack, Lou Reed, Marcia Wallace, Noel Harrison, Ed Lauter, Tom Clancy, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Ray Dolby, Sid Bernstein, Elmore Leonard, Eydie Gorme, Karen Black, Harry Byrd, Eileen Brennan, J.J. Cale, Ray Manzarek, Dennis Farina, Helen Thomas, Cory Monteith, Jim Kelly, Alan Myers, Gary David Goldberg, James Gandolfini, and Slim Whitman are just a few.  But then you just have to realize that normal, everyday, wonderful and amazing people die, like Talia Castellano, the teenager who faced down cancer and became a Cover Girl model while undergoing chemotherapy also died.  And several people died at the hands of gun violence over the past year.   Death truly is a douche bag.

But Mother Nature.. she’s a real bitch.

An earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Typhoon Phailin in India, Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid, and tornadoes across the United States claimed the lives of over 6000 people alone this year.  And while those deaths could be chalked up in… um, Death’s column, these were due to natural disasters.  The Earth renewed its vow to kill us without even blinking and that is enough to make Mother Nature eek by with a win in this round.  

Congratulations, Mother Nature, you took down our reigning champ.  Now, don’t so much as breathe in 2014.

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