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Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 D-Bag Awards Round One: Thanksgiving Sale vs. Black Friday

Second heat in the race to ultimate douchebaggery!

Thanksgiving Sales vs. Black Friday

Retail nuttiness is afoot.  On the one hand we have the constant threat of encroachment on the family.  Thanksgiving shopping is almost as bad a word as Holiday when it comes to the fundamental nutters who think the decay of civilization begins and ends with the destruction of the family unit.   Stores that choose to open on Thanksgiving are blasphemous in their capitalist quest to get all your monies.  How dare they!  “We should be home with our family, not pumping money into the coffers of their evilness.”   Meanwhile, they shop online, play games and bitch about it all on social media.  What they don’t realize is that some people have no families and don’t mind working on Thanksgiving.  Not to mention, all of those other things they do mean that support staff probably need to be on hand to keep technology running smoothly, instead of being at home arguing with their dysfunctional families over why they haven’t settled down with the right member of the opposite sex. 

On the other hand is the continued myth that the best shopping deals are on Black Friday.   In the past, I’ve found that the prices vary on certain items.  In fact, I used to get emails about Black Friday deals and would compare the prices set for that day vs. the current price.  What I found was that in a lot of instances, the prices were better before and it was for newer models of the equipment being touted as a deal.   Black Friday is way for stores to clear out all of their old inventory from the past year or two.  Do you really think a store would make a crap ton of money on the latest and greatest items at a reduced amount?  No.  That LCD HD set that’s on sale… usually it’s last year’s model.   The manufacturer’s website doesn’t even show it anymore, I bet.  That Blu-Ray player?  You can find a better quality model at the same price three weeks before Black Friday.   Let’s also not forget how stupid people get when they have the stores ramping up the stakes.  “The economy is bad, the sales are good.  You need to save money because the government keeps taking it!  Come down to our showroom, punch another human being out and SAVE! SAVE!  SAVE!” 

Winner – Black Friday!
Shopping on Thanksgiving is bad.  I’ll concede to that, but who cares?   If a retail outlet chooses to be open, so be it.  Plenty of services have to be open.   Nobody bitched when I had to work a family buffet at a hotel on Thanksgiving three years in a row.  Where was the outrage?  Stay at home and cook you lazy bastards!  This is a stupid tactic by people that have nothing better to do than bitch about everything.   Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, nor is it even a proud holiday at that.  You want to talk about illegal immigrants taking everything from those that belong in the country?  

“Families should be home on Thanksgiving, not in a store making money for the man" is not a good excuse.  Meanwhile, you’ve been watching football all day long while the NFL rakes in money.  Hypocrite much?   

As for the winner, it’s a tad ridiculous and even though there have been less than five deaths each year due to Black Friday, the idiocy that goes on is not worth the savings.  You’re being mind raped by the retail world.  Open your eyes.

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