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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 D-Bag Awards Round One: Phone vs. Cable

Welcome to the 2013 D-Bag Awards where I personally make it my mission to ignore most of the facts and share personal opinion based on what I could find on the Internet in a race to make it to post.   There's my disclaimer.  Here's Round One.

Phone Company Giants vs. Cable Company Giants

On one hand we have companies like Xfinity and TWC.  Xfinity keeps raising their prices but not their services.  They bungled, yet again, a customer service issue I had at the beginning of the year and now, they plan on adding an additional $1.50 “Rebroadcast Fee” to my bill.   TWC decided to black out CBS because of a contract dispute over carriage fees for programming.   So…  one company charges you for content that you don’t get to see, the other decides to just pass the costs onto the customer without a trade off for services.   On the other hand, phone companies have decided to be douches by tacking on the “upgrade” fee when you switch to any phone.  Cyber Monday saw people looking to save money on a brand new, free, LG G2 phone with a waived upgrade or activation fee but only on a new lines of service.  If you were simply upgrading you existing phone, you got the phone for free, but you still had to pay $30 to be a loyal customer.   And when asked about the reasoning for it, I got two responses: 

Rep -“It’s because it’s a smart phone.” 
Me –“So, then I’ll take a regular phone.”
Rep – “That’ll be $30.”
Me – “But it’s not a smart phone.”


Me – “A couple years ago, they didn’t charge this fee.”
Rep – “Yeah, well the economy isn’t as good as it was 2 years ago.”
Me – “Really?  That’s why Verizon’s profits were up in the billions over the last three years.  Damn economy.”

Not to mention,  there’s that whole “we gave your info to the government.”

WinnerPhone Companies
Yeah, I made it truly personal on this one, but then again, so did they when they decided to violate personal privacy and be douche bags about their practices.  I get it, I paid nothing for a phone, but the upgrade fee is a gimmick to make money, plain and simple.

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